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They reach puberty at very different ages, which can intensify their feeling of isolation and their anxieties. It is normal to be self-doubting and self-absorbed, and to experience a kind of roller coaster of intense emotions, moving speedily between joy, heartache and despair, and back again.With new-found physical and sexual capabilities, feelings of confidence and independence rapidly change into fears of overwhelming need.Parents of teenagers don’t know who to turn to when the going gets tough.

Teenagers form very intense friendship groups and loyalties, but these may shift and change as they try to sort out who they are and where they belong.

Living with teenagers can be one of the most exciting periods in a parent’s life.

It is exciting to see your children growing into young people with separate views, hopes and ambitions.

You may accept the moods and angry outbursts as part of the whole mixed package and feel able to support your children imaginatively, without being sucked into their problems.

But for many parents it’s a much rougher ride than this.

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