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One part tell-all and one part guide to get readers on their feet after a bi Hock the platinum. Divorce Sucks, despite it's somewhat lighthearted, joking (and yet all too true) title, is a tell-all but not of the gossipy variety. Eustace shares what it's like to be over 40 and facing an unexpected and sudden divorce. Eustace was somewhat of a local celebrity in her native Canada, along with ex-husband Mc Dermott, with Tori Spelling bringing the tabloids and entertainment news into what should have been a very personal family matter), two children (one of whom was an infant that had been adopted a mere three weeks before Mc Dermott left) and a very recent relocation to Los Angeles, where Ms. Hmm, yes, I think the title might be fairly accurate. I have watched Spelling and Mc Dermott's reality television show.

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