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Who knows if you and your beau will end up sharing a bank account, but if you do, is he financially responsible?Too often we spend most of our twenties thinking about what works for now.

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Ask for clarification when his behavior is confusing and commit to communicating your desires, needs, and feelings as well.

Of all the possible refugees who might have holed up here, the Knights — long a part of history, but most recently popularised by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code and other works of ‘religious mystery’ — are prime contenders.

But who were these men and what might have driven them to cower in a Shropshire cave instead of doing what they were best at — protecting Christian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem and making money?

Pictured is actor James Purefoy as one of the Knights in 2011 film Ironclad Conspiracy theorists love a cave — but they love a cult even more. It was here, in a 700-year-old underground labyrinth of rough-hewn sandstone known as Caynton Caves, it is claimed, that a persecuted rump of warrior monks, the Knights Templar, engaged in covert religious practices.

In eerie photographs published by the Mail yesterday, candlelight flickers on a row of arches and pillars cut into the rock.

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