Corrupted video girls webcams updating openoffice

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When I load it up onto my computer to watch the video, the file is there but it won't play.The file size seems correct but it's like the file is corrupted because I didn't properly close the recording process.Look in the others breads for a link to a program written by a forum member and also a step by step process to do it anohter way, if needed.

I recorded multiple flights afterward, but the progression skips the numbered file in question.

Everything was fine, able to review the files via the djipilot app before shutdown.

When i put the sd card into my reader, it wanted to initialize/format and wouldn't read. I put it back in the bird, but immediately get an "invalid sd card" error. after "landing" my new Phantom 3 Pro in the Atlantic ocean and having to wait 5 hrs for low tide before we could scoop it from the sand.

Using the Phantom to finalize a corrupter file doesn't always work.

There are ways to recover it without using the Phantom.

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