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Everybody knew what was expected of them and pretended to be happy as long as you were willing to ignore the rampant inherent sexism, the commodification of women and sex-negative attitudes of the time.

With time, enlightenment and a considerable level of progress towards sexual equality the social structures regarding dating loosened…

Part of the art of conversation is demonstrating social intelligence; you want to show that you’re socially aware enough to not only understand the so-called rules of polite society but that you understand when you can bend or those rules.

As an example: one of the most common rules about dates is “don’t bring up exes,” as though we are supposed to pretend that we are blank slates, free from previous dating experiences both good and bad.

I don’t whine about them, nor do I rant and rave about what horrible bitches they were; these forms of behavior are are indicators of low social intelligence – an unattractive trait – and and a preview of what someone might be like in a relationship.

A man who can remain on good terms with his exes is one who is capable of an emotionally mature relationship. Well, if your environment doesn’t give you any inspiration – and there’s always an interesting scene to observe and comment on – I recommend The Question Game.

” Second, you can’t ask a question that’s already been asked; if you ask how many brothers your date has, she can’t turn around and ask you how many sisters you have.

Date is an online golf community developed specifically to help people expand their golf network.

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retired to the year around near perfect golf climate(San Miguel de Allende, GTO, MX)...

enjoy golf, duplicate bridge,(3 times a week each) wine/good food, the garden, flowers, birds, sunsets..friends... Hello, and thanks for stopping by to give me a look.

I'm outgoing humorous with a positive outlook in life.

Waiting for someone else to do all the work for you is for the weak and cowardly who are afraid to take the initiative for fear of being rejected.

Rejection sucks but you’ll get over it and while you were busy hoping that Mr./Ms. And please, can we as a species dispense with the antiquated notion that guys are supposed to be the ones to ask girls out?

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