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Our 90 Minute Challenge will give you visual associations and teach you everything you need to know to be reading Korean in the next 90 minutes (or less)!

You may see some phrasebooks that use the term “당신” to explicitly say “you”. However, the problem is that Koreans don’t use this term very often, so it sounds a bit strange.

If your significant other is the same age or younger, you may be able to use that person’s name. If you don’t use it yet, get on it and learn the ins-and-outs pronto! As you get further along with your Korean relationship, you’ll want to explain your feelings. These phrases are in 반말 (informal language), since they’ll likely be used with a significant other or someone close to you.

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Cheska now believes in flirting more often and more openly. After 13 years in Britain, I like it so much I’ve taken citizenship.So you’ll understand my confusion when I first arrived in Britain, a land where social mixing seems impossible without beer.On the basis of what I found, I’m sorry to say flirting is all too rare in Britain – and when it does take place, it’s likely to fail.But when it comes to meeting the opposite sex, someone needs to say something.So, here it is: if you’re interested in a person, tell them; if not, move on gently with a smile.

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