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Its owners claim to have made 0 million telling women what they’re doing wrong.“10 Ugly Mistakes” began appearing at the bottom of my gmail several years ago, and, as was its intent, registered in my peripheral vision as “women are ugly mistakes,” which, in fact, is the subtext for all of Catch Him and Keep Him’s earnest just-trying-to-save-you-from-yourself products.

Three closely intertwined, alliteratively named entities have cornered the fear-based market in matters of the heart and converted it into cold hard cash: Christian Carter (Catch Him, Inc.), Rori Raye (Have the Relationship You Want, Inc.), and David De Angelo (Double Your Dating).

Catch Him and Keep Him was reverse-engineered from market-tested keywords of hope and desperation; its products consist of marketing copy mixed with pop psychology and subliminal scare tactics.

The Catch Him and Keep Him site itself is a long copy-tease, which hints at secrets and satisfaction, but never delivers, much like the relationships of its target audience.

Find out what all 15 are and what you can do about mastering those moments with men.David De Angelo will eradicate your inner wuss and develop your inner game.Three markets, three revenue streams, one money-sucking scam.For variety, the staged seminars bring in other “relationship experts,” each with their own product to pitch, in an unending affiliate shell game.Christian Carter, seminar leader and frat-boy manqué, is a consummate bullshit artist.

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