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It's also one of the first things that made me say, 'Yeah, I want to do this part.

That's amazing.' Wolf is kind of Tiger's right hand man. We are the last two, youngest members of the resistance that survived. I spend a lot of the beginning of the season giving him a really hard time letting him know he's not up to par," he said, "But the thing is, that's where some of the fun is, is that he constantly surprises us.

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' It's a devastating thing for her to face." The reveal is especially trying when you understand Tiger's background. The state of the future Resistance, the Antibiotics, is desperate.

"Tiger is the leader of the Resistance, my character is the full on leader, which is, first of all, cool living in the future as a woman and leader," Coupe said, "It's awesome.

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Hutcherson told us, "There are so many scenes that before we started filming we had to remind ourselves we had the literal weight of the world on our shoulders. Even though the comedic elements are crazy and the set pieces are amazing, these characters are fighting for something real. Grounding it in that realism is what really helps the show move a lot." Hutcherson said Josh doesn't become an instant action hero either.

"As far as his journey, he always maintains his own truth.

The action comedy centers on the trio and the dynamic that develops when Tiger and Wolf realize Josh's exceptional gamer skills don't translate to being a real life hero. Eliza Coupe told IGN about Tiger's reaction to the truth about Josh, "She thinks, 'You won this, you have the skills.

How can you not embody the skills on your online persona?

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