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I'm a new ipod owner (160GB classic) and confused by this issue.I've read the past articles on this site about dynamic updating on the ipod and got the impression it didn't work at all, but this post implies that it does work? I set up a 'Recent and Unplayed' list with play count = 0, podcast false, last 200 recently added.

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@limbodog I honestly can't sympathize w/ Apple too much on this one.

I know you can do this the genre tag, but then you have to remember the order you put stuff in....

"indie, folk, pop", or was that "pop, indie, folk"?

From what I've experienced, these break live updating on i Pod smart playlists: *Podcast is stars My speculation is that the Playlist and Album Rating rules break live updating because the i Pod doesn't do the complex calculations that those require.

I think the Podcast rule is a bug and for all I know it's fixed now.

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