Jasmin com liva se

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Not one for the true perfume aficionados, perhaps, but really quite pleasant.

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Of course it's vanillic and sweet, but it's more fruity floral than gourmand on my skin and has a bit of a sour background noise. It doesn't smell too much of caramel or vanilla, and the ratio just seem right for me.

I am really fan of sweet, floral scents and to be honest my boyfriend really like it too on me.

I'll do my best with this review, My partner gifted me Viva La Juicy as a Valentine's Day gift ❤️ I remember my mum having this a couple years back. I find this perfect for any age group ;) whether you're 20, 30, 40, 50... Happy to have this (thanks to my man) A❤️ Edit: woah woah fast forward to 5 hours later, this did a little magic, I can detect a tiny bit of caramel & vanilla! For me, the initial caramel blast dies down quite quickly to a comfortable vanilla-jasmine-sandalwood fragrance with light projection and moderate longevity.

The pink ribbon is unforgettable :) I smell orange, gardenia & jasmine the most. I think a lot of the 'Christ, this is pink, girly, hideous shit!

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