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Granted, it's also a celebrity profile — well, a profile of Angelina Jolie — and so calling it a 9/11 story may sound like a stretch. It's a 9/11 story because it's a celebrity profile — because celebrities and their perceived power are a big part of the strange story of how America responded to the attacks upon it.And no celebrity plays a bigger role in that strange story than Angelina Jolie.I was very unhappy, very unhealthy, and when I sat down for an interview, I didn't know why. ' I got out of myself pretty quickly, being in the middle of a civil war.I mean, you look around, there are arms and legs."What happened next was not related in any way to 9/11, but it's the representative story of the post-9/11 years.She was saying that, as a matter of fact, there is a rather large tattoo of a tiger on her back.

With it, however, she becomes one of the four or five Americans who have a chance of turning up on four or five magazine covers each week; with it, she is still a permissible fantasy figure; with it, we Americans can still use her for our own purposes, and our own purposes are very specific.

It is not about her work in Darfur, her work with children orphaned by AIDS. She entered the restaurant out of the sputtering soundstage mist that passes for rain in Hollywood, but now that she's sitting down, she doesn't dry off. Her brown hair stays damp, and she keeps grabbing it in her fist and putting it behind her pillared neck.

Her sexiness is supposed to be, like her lips, larger than life, but in fact it's smaller, because it shows through in her gestures and in the details of her beauty. Well, there was a moment when she unzipped her dress for me.

Her waist was very small — diminished, even — and so the raincoat was drastically tufted over her bare legs, like the white dress that Marilyn wore over the subway grating.

Indeed, there were all sorts of cinematic meanings to ascribe to the raincoat — it made her look like a spy, the very essence of glamour, the kind of girl who says goodbye in the rain — but that's the last thing she wants.

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