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Returning arts and science students can expect to dish out an extra 7; students in engineering will pay 0 more; MBA students have it worst of all: their tuition will go up from ,000 to ,000."There are a few of these tax measures that help a bit — that's better than nothing," she said."We explained how vulnerable everybody feels, and that because they're the client, they're the one con- trolling this, that they need to step in and make sure that Aramark recogniz- es the collective agreement that these workers fought for," said Alex Daag, the executive director of Unite Here."It was a big struggle to get the agreement," added Valerie Gaynor, who is a cook at the New College caf- eteria. Maria Del Mar-Morales, who mans the pizza station at the New College cafeteria, said the union agreement has boosted her wage by fifty cents, to .50 an hour.

"She said 1 look scary and am scar- ing people," said Yameen.While she plans to stay on after the change-over, Del Mar-Mo- rales worried that Aramark might treat returning employees who had worked for Sodexho for many years as if they had just walked through the door.Daag, Del Mar-Morales, and Gaynor met with Catherine Riggall and An- gela Hildyard, U of T's vice-presi- dents of business affairs and human resources, respectively.Budget 'o6: the student view Mike Ghenu NEWS EDITOR While student advocates and op- position legislators criticized the 2006 federal budget for a lack of vision and commitment to post- secondary institutions, the bill itself promises to help graduate students and scholarship winners. "[Post-secondary education] was not part of their top five prior- ities," charged Phillippe Ouellette, of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA)."They've ob- viously missed the mark." CASA, an Ottawa-based lobby group, argues that a "Canada Edu- cation Transfer" fund that would inject at least billion a year into Canada's post-secondary educa- tion system is the best way to im- prove colleges and universities.

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    The CSYS came to fruition through a culmination of personal, professional, and institutional influences on Cabot, including: his ideals and sense of pragmatism, refined by his transition from medicine to social ethics and social work; criminological luminaries in the 1920s and 1930s, who focused on the individual over the environment—most notably, William Healy and Augusta Bronner and Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck; and Cabot's concern with the failures of treatment of offenders.

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