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If you agree that marriage proposals on the crowded Eiffel Tower are passé, pop the question to your princess at La Suite Shangri-La, a luxurious 220m² rooftop retreat with a private 100m² terrace overlooking the iconic Parisian monument. To truly experience France’s royal heritage, hire a driver for an unforgettable evening excursion to the countryside.

Château Vaux-le-Vicomte offers enchanting candlelight visits, while the Château de Versailles hosts magical Fountains Night Shows in the Sun King’s vast gardens, with Baroque music and a dramatic fireworks display over the Grand Canal. After Dark Art Appreciation Museums might bring to mind long lines and a blur of endless artworks you feel guilty for not appreciating enough.

No longer the seedy dives of yesteryear, stylish properties like The Seven and Vice Versa are often decorated by star designers and staffed with friendly yet discreet staff dedicated to helping guests make the most of their evenings.

And for those who feel a little more daring when on vacation, couples’-only clubs are another way to add a little spice to your trip. Parisians Want to Seduce You For the French, seduction isn’t just for the bedroom.

Stay at your table as long as you like, you’ll rarely be rushed out to make room for other diners.

And don’t overlook more simple pleasures, such as a shared cone of roasted chestnuts from a street vendor in winter, scrumptious pastries consumed with abandon on a park bench, oysters eaten informally from an open-air food market stand, or the traditional Parisian picnic of cheese, bread and wine along the banks of the Seine – don’t forget the corkscrew! Pleasure for Pleasure’s Sake When it comes to pleasure-seeking, the Parisians don’t just stop at food and drink.

If you don’t want to leave it completely to chance, start off in the Marais district (known for its many hidden gardens), the Latin Quarter (where you may come across the famous stairs from “Midnight in Paris”), the Butte aux Cailles (often compared to Montmartre “before the tourists”), or Nouvelle Athènes (where a lucky turn down a garden path will lead you to the cottage housing the Musée de la Vie Romantique). World Class Feasting Romance is so intimately intertwined with drinking and dining that Paris could beat most cities in the world on its culinary heritage alone.

Over the past five years a new category of designer boutique hotels have been seducing couples with their whimsical themes, large beds and small closets perfect for a weekend .Many spas even offer couples’ treatments where you get a room to yourselves.Try the sensual 28 Spa, with its candlelit pool that gives you the impression of night swimming, or the exotic Ban Thai Spa with its four-hands massage treatments.Both the meal and the company are elevated with each sip of wine and each shared bite of a new dish.And in Paris you can be sure the waiters know well enough to leave couples alone unless they signal for him.

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