Pictrues of nude wome chat with men dating a separated woman

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Australian model Emily Sears, for example, contacts the partners of men who send her unsolicited dick pics on social media in a bid to raise awareness of the problem and hold the men accountable.

"I think the best thing to do is to just keep the dialogue happening," Ms Sears told Buzzfeed earlier this year.

These guys, they get off knowing that they forced some girl to see it ... You're just doing this because you can, and because the world has taught you that that's OK." When the New York Magazine called on men to explain their motivations, the responses suggested it was partly a way for them to communicate confidence (though some admitted sending dick pics was, in fact, a dick move - a "colossal tragedy")."I send dick pics," said Kevin, "because - at the risk of sounding cocky ... In a world of tragic penises, I have a stun-gun of a phallus.

Women who don't even like me have slept with me and said, 'You're kind of an asshole ...

Yet beyond sullying the odd political career (hello, Anthony D Weiner and former Liberal MP Peter Dowling), experts say the consequences for perpetrators are not as severe as they perhaps should be given the practice is widely considered a form of online sexual harassment.

It's a loophole many men treat as a license to snap 'n' send as they please, but it only partly explains their motivations for doing so, which evidence might suggest stems from the same impulse to graffiti images of phalluses in public places.

"I think men get off on shocking women and making women upset," she says.

"I feel like, it's 2016, you have to be aware of how women feel about dick pics."Indeed, the number of women who openly complain about men sending so-called unsolicited 'dick pics' on all social media platforms, including dating sites, seems to be increasing every week, with many going out of their way to publicly call the behaviour out.

Random men regularly direct message her unsolicited images of their junk, seemingly for no reason at all, but typically whenever she mentions sex or sexuality in her tweets.

It's also about pushing boundaries and indulging fantastical whims: "I think the thrill [of sending dick pics] comes from doing something naughty and doing something that perhaps is curious to do in real life, but there are too many sanctions prohibiting it," Dr Rosewarne continues."I don't think there are any social clues that a man gets that would make him think that women would actually like to receive a dick pic ... "It's more about the fact that [men] find it fun, they find it sexy, they find it thrilling.

A spokesman for the Marines United Facebook group that posted nude photos of female service members says the scandal proves women should not be allowed to join the infantry. (The private group was shut down, but several others have replaced it.)“I think the exploitation of sharing nudity of other service members online will eventually get solved, but what I’m saying is that even before then, you still have special cases going on inside units.

There is absolutely a gendered component - it's the same motivation that has men, for example, drawing dicks on walls.

"So it's like, 'I was here' and marking territory, much like a dog would piss on a wall, with the penis," Dr Rosewarne tells ABC News.

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