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“Married people hunting for relationships pose as singles on these sites.

It is also an open secret that dating sites are encouraging short term sexual relations,” he says.

“Using online dating forums, one has an excess of prospects and a wide range of choices when it comes to finding a partner.

Potential lovers used to be hard to come by and chances were always slender that you would triumph.

Of the affairs which had broken, 9 percent had lasted for over a year, and only 3.1 percent had lasted for 24 months,” he says.

Phiri said the break ups were attributed to the fact that in the past, race mattered most unlike in contemporary society which “is becoming more post-racial.” “This is the reason most people find dating sites welcome.

Dating is one of the areas which have witnessed behavioral change attributed to this technological shift.

The deployment of the Internet has completely altered the way some people find love.

Trends in today’s world would have been unthinkable 30 years ago, and most of this transformation has been championed by easy connectivity brought by communication gadgets such as cell phones and computers.But interestingly, what we should all know is that there is very little attachment between what we say and what we do.People can claim to be colour blind, but when it comes to dating our cultural identity or race will matter most,” he adds.He then states that studies done across Southern Africa point to the fact that a good percentage of partners who meet online do not celebrate their third anniversary together.“A 2011 research by Chester and Mac Browne, for instance, found that of all the relationships studied, 29 percent of the couples were still together at the time of the study, and of these 16 percent of the couples had been together for at least 12 months, and 6 percent for at least 24 months.

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