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Though I am wholly skeptical of online dating and its ever-growing demand among today’s singles, the prospect of channeling one’s brand is precisely what fascinates me about Radafshar’s business model.

We are now in an era when a person’s app blurb and the quality of their photographs dictate social currency.

This is the stuff of Old Portland, I know, but I find it interesting that Radafshar’s career objective is to embrace the burgeoning persona of the city we both inhabit: Portland as tech haven, Portland as millennial mecca, Portland as modern metropolis full of modern people.

Radafshar is the founder of Fern Date, a local branding service geared toward those looking for love online.

Since then, Radafshar’s client base has grown significantly, a result she attributes to her five-star Yelp reviews and the power of word of mouth.And before the advent of the internet, companies like It’s Just Lunch and Master Matchmakers began popping up as a way for singles to meet potential partners after being scrutinized by a team of professionals.n 1995, became the first online dating site, attracting millions of members in the span of a few years.She operates on the assumption that bad luck in dating is ultimately circumstantial and essentially due to a certain degree of technological illiteracy.On the welcome page of Fern’s highly stylized website, an omniscient serif font boldly declares to its viewer: It’s Not You, It’s Your Profile.

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