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Further study shows the subject to be of almost unbelievable complexity." Homer Powley Thanks Nick and Marshal. All Smith and Wesson revolvers (well, at least the hand ejectors) have a serial number on the butt. It is possible the Highway Patrolman is pre model 28.

If the crane recess is stamped with a model number it is so light he can't detect it , even with a magnafier. If the gun is an N-frame and has a checkered topstrap, then its a Model 27.

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"First contemplation of the problems of Interior Ballistics gives the impression that they should yield rather easily to relatively simple methods of analysis.

Some references are saying the butt of the handle and some say inside the hinge.

On the grip butt there is a prefix of AEJ which I find no reference. The revolver is stamped with model 36 inside the hinge which I see means after 1957.

If it's an "S" then the date you're looking for is 1954 - 1955.

If it's something else let me know and I'll take another look. However I'm planning on going up there this weekend and will take a look at it personally. I'm technology challanged when it comes to posting pics. The last version of the PDF instruction file I put up in that thread does not show the current interface for Image Shack or other picture hosting sites.

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