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Her picture was used during target practice and she was dragged by her hair by a soldier who had taken a dislike to her.

During her 10 years with the Army, including an attachment to 14 Intelligence Company working undercover in Northern Ireland, she claims she was regularly passed over for promotion.

In Macedonia she shared a tent with seven men, including her immediate superior, Cpl Stewart Milligan.

They had watched a television programme about a gay servicewoman and later Cpl Milligan started moaning and calling out her name. She said Cpl Milligan asked her if she was doing the same.

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Cpl Mates, who earns £27,000 a year, claims sexual discrimination and is asking for £686,000 in compensation for loss of earnings plus damages for hurt feelings.The Ministry of Defence denies that she was discriminated against on the grounds of her sex. All crimes are displayed within a 1 mile radius of Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 0AB, England."I felt humiliated that my sexual character should be examined in public," she said.Cpl Milligan, who is married with four children, was told to apologise but there was no other action.

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