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The person at the top of the user list types a word, and the person just under him types a word that begins with the last letter of the word typed.

This can be done with States, countries, animals, or any given category, such as Song titles, Movie titles, Catholicism.

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The goal is to see how a simple, basic "gossip" type meme is so easily mangled; the goal isn't to confound for the sake of confounding.When all the clues are guessed, it is good if the clue giver lists them all together again, in capital letters, in the order they were given: Another example, this time with trickier clues and syllables out of order as it should be played.The Leader thinks of “ Sigmund Freud”: There’s no proper order in answering; the players type their answers as they think of them.The first person to come up with the name the leader is thinking of is the new leader and has the option to give clues now.Otherwise, he can pass his turn on to another player.

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