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At the same time I started writing songs and playing out in a local rock band.

As of this writing, that was roughly 25 years ago and I’ve spent most weekends of my life since then performing on a stage somewhere with a band. We confuse social media friends and followers with meaningful relationships and we’ve replaced loving attention with “.” We’ve lost the ability to listen to others because we are preoccupied with self promotion.

I am far from being “anti-technology” but rather I view technology in much the same way I view alcohol: use it responsibly or do not partake. As a child I emulated Evel Knievel, pretending my dirt bike was a red, white, and blue Harley Davidson.

But truth be told, I don’t remember one single Rock’em Sock’em boxing match with my friends.

What I do remember is the banter, the talk, and the hanging out that went on while we had our matches.

Two kids would come together and each would manipulate a boxer in an attempt to knock the head off of the opponent’s boxer.

That was it and yet the game was a generational phenomenon!

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