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Sea turtles are often found in fishing nets and many have lost limbs becoming disabled and are no longer able to survive in the wild.

Many of these disabled turtles are found by local Sri Lankans who bring them to the project site for rehabilitation and care.

Muslims, the second-largest ethnic minority, also appeared to have voted against Rajapaksa, who was accused of backing ultranationalist Buddhist groups and turning a blind eye on anti-Muslim violence last June.

But polling was notably strong in Tamil-dominated areas, where voting had been poor in previous elections.

Many Tamils were believed to have voted heavily for Sirisena — not so much because they supported him but because they despised Rajapaksa so much.

Sri Lankans from all segments of society cast their ballots peacefully, and the voice of the people was respected.'The spokesman for the U. secretary-general told reporters Friday that Ban Ki-moon 'congratulates the people of Sri Lanka on the successful conclusion of the presidential election, and welcomes the constitutional transfer of power.' Rajapaksa, who was first elected in 2005, had been widely expected to easily win his third term in office until Sirisena suddenly split away in November, gathering the support of other defecting lawmakers and many of the country's ethnic minorities, making the election a fierce political battle.

Rajapaksa was still thought to be tough to beat because he controlled the state media and has immense financial resources and popularity among the Sinhala majority.

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