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This will backup everything, and along with it, the Music playlist that is on the i OS device, with a side effect of matching the two music libraries, thereby preventing autofill from dumping unwanted stuff onto your i Phone / i Pod / i Pad.

Remember, if the current backup doesn’t match up with your current music playlist, the difference in music will be what is attempted to transfer over.

This is because the autofill list is, by default, the same list of music on the device – or that to be on the device – the discrepancy of whats currently stored on the i OS device versus what’s in this list is what accounts for the unwanted autofilling music that gets copied over when trying to add a single song or two. Yes, it’s confusing, mostly because it’s a weirdly implemented feature that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple “Disable Autofill Completely” option, so if you want to stop the random music copying over along with a single song or two this is what we’re left with for the time being.

You can turn Automatic Downloads on or off over your cellular network on an i Phone or i Pad Wi-Fi Cellular.

Go to Settings Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.

You can also just trash the Auto Fill library and all the music that is trying to sync to the device.

Sure, you can get around this by copying music to i OS devices from the desktop instead, but most users don’t manage their music that way.If you use Family Sharing and turn on Automatic Downloads, content bought by other members of your family won't automatically download to your devices.Only content that you purchase with your Apple ID downloads automatically.When you plug an i Phone or i Pod into a computer that has i Tunes installed on it, i Tunes automatically opens and tries to sync with the device.Apple designed this as a convenience; it cuts out the step of having to open i Tunes manually.

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