The sea peoples from cuneiform tablets to carbon dating

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This has been assumed correct, and used directly or indirectly to date nearly all the other early civilisations throughout Europe and the Near East.

Ancient history revisionists believe the cause of the disaster lies within the conventional chronology of ancient Egypt, referred to as the CC throughout the rest of this paper.

The objection that this was some 500 years earlier than believed by the early Greek and Roman historians, who lived some 2000 years nearer the period in question, was overruled.

Archaeologists then began to find Mycenaean pottery in countries all round the Eastern Mediterranean.

Sadly the response to innovative thinking in academia is often to try to drown both the innovator and his work in a tide of ridicule and misrepresentation.

The dogma of the Establishment, which strictly controls what is taught to the next generation, has ever been fiercely defended. To take a much quoted example, the Catholic Church burnt Bruno alive at the stake in 1600AD for refusing to believe that the Earth was the centre of the Universe, a dogma they had been teaching unchallenged for some 1300 years.

Archaeology, when interpreted with an open mind, has now actually proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Dark Ages did not exist, but the proof is ignored. Huge amounts of public money are being spent on studying this Victorian invention, and hundreds of books written about the Dark Ages have failed to explain their cause with any conviction.

Other revisionist journals are referred to in places where gaps must be filled, and contributors to these have made a big contribution to the overall debate.Academia today is exerting an ever-tighter control on what is taught, and on the subjects suitable for research.The politically accepted, yet seriously flawed system of 'peer review' plays into the hands of the Guardians of the Dogma who control research publications, enabling them to stifle innovative theories which contradict their own.He reached this conclusion after comparing the early histories of the Hebrews and the Egyptians.In the Old Testament (OT), the ancient Hebrews recorded such major events as their Descent into Egypt, the Sojourn, Oppression, and Exodus from Egypt, and later campaigns against them by the Egyptian rulers Shishak and Zerah.

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