Turlingtons balsam dating bottle

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This section also includes druggist bottles (aka pharmacy, drugstore, or prescription bottles) due to their close connection to the other types of medicinal bottles.

And while I was at home, I realized this is what I really loved to do; I did some other stuff there.The history of the patent and proprietary medicine industry is an exceptionally interesting subject though beyond the scope of this website, which covers primarily just the bottles - like the cabin shaped "bitters" bottle to the left which dates from the 1860s or 1870s.If interested, users are directed to consult some of the various publications noted below or check some of the references mentioned throughout this page.(One exception was citrate of magnesia which was usually carbonated and bottled in heavier almost soda-like bottles.) Generally speaking the glass thickness of medicinal bottles is distinctly less than for soda/mineral water, beer, champagne, and most wine bottles.That is a diagnostic feature that can be useful in bottle fragment identification at times.

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