Updating and retrieving data from java servlet to sql database

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This results in catching a SQL exception on every page load after the first one. But in actual applications, keep your database definitions in schema objects, perform transactions from within model classes, and coordinate requests with controller servlets.You can connect directly to the RDS DB instance in your Elastic Beanstalk environment by using the My SQL client application.Scroll down to locate the Tomcat logs in ------------------------------------- /var/log/tomcat7/------------------------------------- INFO: Server startup in 9285 ms Loading driver... SQLException: Table 'Beanstalk' already exists SQLState: 42S01 Vendor Error: 1050 Closing the connection. All information that the web application sends to standard output appears in the web container log.In the previous example, the application tries to create the table every time the page loads.When the environment update is complete, the DB instance's hostname and other connection information are available to your application through the following environment properties: For more information about configuring an internal DB instance, see Adding a Database to Your Elastic Beanstalk Environment.

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Hyper SQL Data Base (HSQLDB) is a modern relational database manager that conforms closely to the SQL:2011 Standard and JDBC 4 specifications.To connect to the database, add the appropriate driver JAR file to your application, load the driver class in your code, and create a connection object with the environment properties provided by Elastic Beanstalk.You will need the JAR file of the JDBC driver for the DB engine that you choose.Save the JAR file in your source code and include it in your classpath when you compile the class that creates connections to the database.You can find the latest driver for your DB engine in the following locations: You can retrieve the hostname, port, database name, user name, and password from the environment variables that Elastic Beanstalk provides to your application.

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