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Suppose some install files are deleted or found to be missing sometime after installation.If this happens, you can use the db2val tool to check the latest state of installation files, instance setup, and database connections./bin/db2val (where the installation path represents the db2 installed path for underlying operating system).The next certificate is the signing certificate of the Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV).The last certificate is Microsoft's signing certificate.This topic describes how to validate the driver's certificate chain when using Certified Output Protection Protocol (COPP).

Status 10: Success Task 11: Validating instance file ownership and permission.

Task 12: Validating code level on all database partitions.

0 0 1 0 Status 12: Success DBI1337I The partitioned database environment validation for the instance reginst1 was successful. DBI1335I Installation file validation for the DB2 copy installed at /opt/ibm/db2/V9.7 was successful.

COPP certificate chains use the UTF-8 character set.

Binary data in the certificates, such as the RSA public key, are base64-encoded and stored in big-endian order.

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