Who is brad paisley dating dating a sikh woman

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"He proposed right in front of the public toilets," says Kim, and they both crack up.

Nine months after that, they were married — and since they attended different churches, their two pastors co-officiated.

"I used to be pretty judgmental back then," he says.

Then they had dinner together — and afterward both were convinced that something important had happened.

"It even had a song about going to Father of the Bride," he says. "He was such a polite Southern gentleman," she says.

So when the time came to cast the music video, he thought of the girl in the movie. "Even though I didn't know if she was married, divorced, or just out of rehab."During their first phone call, they chatted with such ease that soon they were talking almost daily. "I was getting impatient."But from that first date forward, Brad made it clear that he was very interested.

Their relationship isn't always so idyllic, they insist.

She's a bit of a neat freak, he says, "whereas I figure, we have a housekeeper, so it can wait till Friday." Interjects Kim: "He comes home and it's like a tornado hit!

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"She's really good about not holding grudges," he says. "She says there's this whole phrase I could say in my sleep: 'I'm sorry. And I love you.'" It helps, says Kim, that they made a point of getting couples counseling before they got married.A., they take turns bouncing and cuddling the apple-cheeked boy."He's our fat little man," says Brad, scooping up Huck as the daddy-dazzled baby giggles and coos.She knew zero about country music; in fact, she thought that at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry they sang, well, opera.To him, her Hollywood world had questionable values.

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