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After a moderate start during the marathon, Norton overcame the hurdles with a jolt around mile 18, finishing without further impediments.

In gratitude to his unconventional coaches, Norton helped raised money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, an organization that protects east African grasslands and encourages sustainable development in the area.

Although he never trained for a long-distance event, the mogul ran track in high school, focusing on the quarter-miler. , he got into shape by cutting back on partying and switching to a high-protein, low-carb diet while also building up his running distance to 20 miles before tapering off.

He even trained at the New York Rangers facility, running on an underwater treadmill.

Murakami started running in his early thirties, as he transitioned from Jazz club owner to author, and the 64-year-old has made it a habit to finish a marathon every year.

You’d be wise to take advice from him: For the 2005 race, Murakami logged slightly more than 550 miles during a three-month summer vacation in Kauai, and he doesn’t take more than two days off in a row.

New York Marathon 2011 Time: Known for a diverse fitness routine that includes boxing and swimming, the six-pack-sporting EXTRA host is no novice when it comes to fitness challenges.

How can you New York Marathon 2005 Time: A novelist may not be the typical prototype for an athlete, but for award-winning author Haruki Murakami, running and writing are two entities that intertwine.

The wedding included family members and the couples three children.

Martin (Dean) is an actress, she played a classroom kid in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit among other projects.

Taking one mile at a time, he started by walking a 20-minute mile eight months before the big day.

By June, he got down to a 13-minute mile, running three times a week and averaging 15 miles.

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